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    I was only 12 years old when I saw my mother pay our house rent for the first time in her life. That was a defining moment for her. She had managed to save some money to avoid us being thrown out on the street. My Father had answered the ultimate call and had gone to the beyond.

    Life was tough and so was our Landlord. He increased our rent as he pleased, well aware we had no option. I made up my mind. I had to build my Mother a house befitting for a Queen. She had to leave that scary neighbourhood; the house rent had to stop drilling a hole in our finances and more importantly, we had to break free from the shylock Landlord.

    Several years later, with a degree and job I’m proud of, I decided to bring my long-held desire of getting my mom a home to fruition. My best friend had told me how he moved into his own home within a few months and got financing to pay for his Sister’s rent from Safetrust Mortgage Bank.

    In no time, I had a chat with the representatives of Safetrust Mortgage Bank and signed up. The process was seamless and I set to work on fulfilling my promise to my Mother.

    In a few weeks, my mother will be cutting the tapes at her new home and my personal home will be completed too. Thanks to Safetrust Mortgage Bank. I got all the financing I needed for my property with a super competitive interest rate and neither was I asked for the usual additional third party collateral.

    Don’t believe me? Call SafeTrust today on 01-2704863 or visit www.safetrustmortgagebank.com to read other people’s success stories.

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