Watch: Angry woman destroy pastor husband’s property for cheating, man says “culture allows him to marry 4 women”


    An aggrieved woman who accused her husband of infidelity went on a rampage and destroyed his café in Ukunda, Kwale County, Kenya in a fit of fury. On Saturday morning Mrs. Ruth Nyaga, accompanied with her friend, stormed her husband’s restaurant situated at Kona Ya Chafu area and started throwing tables and chairs, bottles in the air – and any other object of value that came to sight, forcing dining customers to flee for safety.

    Mrs Nyaga said her husband, who is also a pastor, has abdicated his responsibilities, adding that she is now demanding that her husband of 20 years does the honourable thing and introduces his lover formally if he has intentions of marrying her.

    “I inquired from my husband if he had completed putting up the cafeteria. He was shocked that I knew of his secret investment. Angry at me, he questioned who informed me about his underground project,” the aggrieved woman told eDaily.

    Ms Nyaga told Citizen Digital that her husband has been using proceeds from the café for the upkeep of the woman and has even built her the business.

    “If only my husband had informed me of his clandestine activities, I would not have resorted to doing what I did. I would have warmly welcomed his second wife,” added Mrs. Nyaga.

    “Marrying a second wife is not a problem, but he should come with that woman and tell me this is my second wife,” Mrs Nyaga added.

    On his part, the unapologetic pastor at New Apostolic Faith Church said that his culture allows him to marry up to four women, noting that he had done nothing wrong.

    “I am from the Tharaka community so I can marry up to four wives, even your dad has two wives,” he …Read More

    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog