Woman plots with her lover to kill her Airforce husband so she could claim his $650,000 life insurance/benefits


    Not many would have believed that Michelle Paet, 28, wife to Air-force man Staff Sergeant Nathan, 28, would plan with her lover to kill her husband just so she could claim benefits and life insurance.

    One ordinary evening, Sergeant Nathan kissed his kids goodbye and headed to his car to go to work extra shifts to make more money for his wife and children. Just then Michelle sent a text message on her mobile phone. Minutes later, the sound of gunfire filled the night air and Nathan staggered back into the house with his body filled with bullets.

    Nathan (pictured above) collapsed to the floor and died minutes later as his horrified family watched on. But many didn’t know that the answer would lie in the text message Michelle sent as her husband walked out the door.
    In 2010, Michelle and Nathan Paet were living in Las Vegas with their four children aged between two and nine after falling in love as highschool sweethearts.
    Nathan joined the US Airforce and served loyally, working tirelessly to make enough money to take care of his family but his wife Michelle already had her heart elsewhere, and started dating a man she worked with at a telemarketing company.
    Michelle’s lover was Michael Rodriguez, 36, (pictured right) and for six months they had a passionate sex-filled love affair and together, they came up with a plan.
    Michelle wanted to be with Michael, but she wasn’t willing to walk away from her marriage without anything. She knew she’d be in line for $400,000 (£303,000) from the military in the event of Nathan’s death and a life insurance policy worth $250,000 (£190,000).
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    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog