Do not link us to activities of criminals & illegal bunkering going on in Nigeria – Niger Delta Avengers

    In a statement released by the Spokesperson of Niger Delta Avengers, Brig.Gen Mudoch Agbinibo, the Militant group requested that Press should not misquote them and link them to the activities of criminals in other parts of Nigeria. The statement read,
    The Nigeria press community should not misquote the NDA on our statement on the Nigeria military killing innocent civilians in Arepo, Ogun State. The High command of the NDA only bemoaned and condemns the reckless war game that the military is embarking upon with the lives and property of defenseless law abiding citizens in those communities while the criminals have fled the area. We should not be linked to activities of criminals and illegal bunkering going on in any part of the country that the Nigeria security agencies are the main benefactors and collaborators.

    The military should not use such contrived video clips to justify their killings and destruction of property of defenseless citizens in Ogun State. That we cannot be intimidated by these video clips of propaganda and drones.

    The press and the general public should not quote us out of context; we only expressed our concern on the bombing by the government. When the criminals have already fled the crime scene. Which amount to the death of innocent citizens in Arepo. So the military should stop justification of extra judicial killings. That is our position. …Read More

    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog