Hon. AbdulmuminJibrin: ‘Nakedness won’t offer you clothes’- Hon.Chike John Okafor


    Read the press statement below:

    My attention has been drawn to a recent publication credited to the member representing Kiru-Bebeji Federal Constituency in Kano state, Hon. AbdulmuminJibrin in which he made very unfortunate assertions about my person and position as Chairman, House Committee on Healthcare Services.

    My first impulse was to ignore the blabbing which was fast becoming the hallmark of Jibrin, but on a re-think, letting the lies fly without calling it by name may expose some gullible audience to the risk of choking on the mendacious gibberish that has become Jibrin’s biggest capital in recent times.

    In the publication crawling with deliberate misrepresentations and wilful lies designed to rope in any person within reach, Jibrin who referred to me as ‘Chairman, House Committee on Health’ open-endedly accused me of ‘moving massive amount of money that made the exercise look like a big joke’.

    Jibrin neither said where the money was moved from nor where it was moved to. When you have been around and about in fiscal circles you will know the signs when you see them – Jibrin is merely grasping for straws and clearly cuts a picture of a man who has reached the end of his tethers in a desperate bid to hide his smear in the crowd of imaginary culprits he conjures ‘daily’ with such voodoo-vibrancy, one begins to wonder where he left his honour.

    He accused me of unilaterally working the budget on health; my ‘personal estate’ he called it. And I really wondered- Has this man really been with us in the House of Representatives in body or in hologram?

    Even if his senses fail him, his eyes and ears should have told him that we have three committees of Health that oversight the Ministry of Health namely: Committee on Health Institutions; …Read More

    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog