Photos: The LASEMA Response Unit (LRU) adds Mobile Intensive Care Ambulances to its fleet


    The LASEMA Response Unit (LRU) continues to show Lagosians that we care and are committed to saving lives and livelihoods, ultimately working towards a better Lagos. #LagosCares

    In order to adequately and efficiently support the efforts of the emergency services as an active first responder, two new ambulances have been added to the fleet of vehicles controlled by the LRU

    The Regular Ambulance is equipped with basic life support equipment to ensure the sick or injured persons are administered basic medical treatments and minimize further complications that may arise from delays in getting proper medical attention before they reach the hospital or clinic and are handed over to doctors.

    The ICU Ambulance is equipped with complete life support, ventilation and monitoring equipment as well as trained paramedics to care for the critically injured throughout the journey to the hospital or clinic where they are then handed over to the accident and emergency unit.

    This is one more contribution on the part of the Lagos State government to the important work of the LRU in line with the stated aims of this administration to bring down response times.

    To further equip the Emergency Response Teams, they were trained to continue to carry out simulations and training exercises to ensure that they can fully utilise the new equipment when attending to accidents or mass casualties.

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    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog