This Is All You Need for a Flawless Complexion

    If you’ve been toning, you may have been doing it wrong! Regardless of whether you are light or dark-skinned, your complexion can be flawless! Getting rid of stubborn dark spots, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation is the key to that perfect glowing skin!

    We bypassed harmful chemicals like hydroquinone and went straight for a natural, clinically approved and very effective, skin-perfecting ingredient.

    The active ingredient, licorice extract is an excellent natural skin lightener that helps diminish dark circles and other darkened skin due to scars! Licorice also contains an oil controlling agent, so it is effective for people who have oily or acne-prone skin! Licorice extract is also a treasured natural remedy for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis! Licorice contains an active compound which prevents your skin from darkening under the sun!

    The Mecran Dark Spot Remover is fortified with Licorice extract! This beauty treatment will fade your spots, scars, dark knuckles, dark knees and pimples in less than 6 weeks! Give your skin a perfect natural finish by clearing it up with the Mecran Dark Spot Remover! No Blemishes, just Clear Skin