“I’ll never box for AIBA again, they are cheating b******s: Irish boxer Michael Conlan blasts judges after Rio 2016 defeat

    Irish star boxer Michael Conlan has launched a vicious attack at amateur boxing and accused the sport’s governing body, Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) of cheating after he crashed out of Rio 2016 Olympic quarter final.

    The bantamweight was expected to lift gold in Brazil but was named the loser despite battering his Russian opponent. Michael wouldn’t have it so he cursed AIBA on live TV and also launched an astonishing four-letter attack accusing them cheating and paying to fix matches.

    Conlan grabbed bronze at London 2012 and has had plenty of offers to turn pro but the 24-year-old turned them down to win gold. But after his heart-breaking defeat, he said he would never box for AIBA again.
    After the defeat, he said:

    “AIBA are cheats. They are f*****g cheats, it’s as simple as that. I’ll never box for AIBA again. They are cheating b******s. They are paying everybody. I don’t give a f*** about cursing them on TV. I was here for Olympic gold but that dream has been shattered now. But I have a big career ahead of me but these are known for being cheats. And they will always be cheats. Amateur boxing stinks – from the core right to the top!”

    Conlan appeared to be in cruise control in the first round, he left his Russian opponent swinging hopeless haymakers. Incredibly he was told during the first break that he was behind on the judges’ cards and he adopted a more aggressive approach to try to salvage a win

    When the fight ended, he left his opponent a bloody mess while he walked away from the bout unscathed but somehow, he was still declared the loser.

    He added:

    “I came for gold and I’ve been …Read More

    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog