Kindhearted police officer feeds 7 year old American boy after he wanders streets trying to sell his teddy bear to buy food


    A compassionate and kind-hearted Ohio Police police officer Steve Dunham, from Franklin Police Department has told about how he fed a seven-year-old boy he found wandering the streets trying to sell his teddy bear to buy food so he can eat.

    According to Officer Steve Dunham, he was responding to reports of a boy seen walking alone when he found the child and was touched to take the boy out for lunch.

    Officer Dunham told WLWT5: “He told me he was trying to sell his stuffed animal to get money for food because he hadn’t eaten in several days.”

    He then took the youngster across the road to a Subway where they “said a little prayer and ate dinner together”.
    After that, they travelled back to the police station in Franklin, Ohio.
    Officers later visited the boy’s parents’ filthy home to discover it filled with garbage, cat urine and bottles of alcohol.
    They have now charged the parents with 10 counts of child endangering and they will appear at a hearing next month.
    However, the boy’s mother Tammi Bethel hit back with a post on the Franklin Police Department’s page.
    She wrote: “I could throw a rock from my house and hit CVS where my son was at. He goes down there all the time with his brothers.
    “The cop just popped up on the wrong day I hadn’t had a chance to clean the mess that all them kids had made and yes I was arguing with my kids to help clean the mess up.
    “BTW my kids didn’t even eat the food that the cops brought them because they had just ate.”
    The police have taken all of the parents’ four children away from their custody.
    Source: The Sun UK

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