Good signs from non-oil sources- VP Osinbajo


    Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, took time off after a detailed session with private sector chieftains last week in Lagos to engage journalists also on the direction of the Nigerian economy. Below is the full Q&A interaction between him and members of the press released by Laolu Akande, Senior Special Assistant-Media & Publicity .

    Question: Thank you so much your Excellency for speaking to us. Up to this point our interactions with the private sector suggest a lot of frustration at the pace of reforms it’s definitely a difficult time for the government no doubt, but my first question to you is to speak to the point about creating an enabling environment in broad terms for the private sector to thrive. There is a sense, from my interaction with many in the private sector that the government to a large extent is trying to fix things on its own, there isn’t enough of an engagement with the private sector and of course for that to work there needs to be an enabling environment how do you respond to that?
    Vice President: Well let me say that our engagement with the private sector has been consistent and quite robust. There may be situations where people may say that even that is not sufficient but i must say that it’s been robust. For example I’ve met with the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria(MAN) not less than three times at various times. I’ve met with farmers, with wheat farmers, with rice farmers on an individual basis about three or four times. We’ve met with segments of the business community, the professional groups and all that.
    I am here at the dialogue of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry(LCCI), and the Minister of Budget and Planning was in Lagos just last week engaging on …Read More

    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog