The African Fashion and Art Festival Nigeria’s season


    The First African Fashion and Art Festival will be held in Lagos, Nigeria. “The greatest African cultural show on earth” in the 21st century, AFAF ‘16 will be “an extraordinary demonstration of the richness, diversity, and vitality of black art- both contemporary and traditional- throughout the world.”

    Nigeria is the mother land of this great venture as the largest black Nation. The most talented art and fashion designers in Nigeria and other African countries would participate in the festival around the world. (GLAMOUR WEST AFRICA) will be in charge both of supervising the construction of the infrastructure installations and of coordinating the development operations and activities of the numerous agencies involved.

    The Fashion festival and Art is prepared to showcase and celebrate the cultures and traditions of Africa and also to present African culture in fashion, art works and music to the universe. The history of AFAF can be traced back to the 1940s when some ideas were developed on Pan-Africanism and Negritude by the Presidentof Senegal, Leopold Sedar Senghor, Aime Casaire and some others. The idea behind it was to celebrate the beauty of African and to romanticize the values of her culture.

    This maiden edition of AFRICA FASHION & ART FESTIVAL in this millennium is established to achieve a great deal by celebrating fashion and art of Africa all over the world. This will be done through the Promotion of our culture and style in a great deal of novel trends in fashion and art of new age of generation. In promoting African fashion and art designers all over the world, the event will serve as a model for the possible upcoming ones on the continent and beyond. This will reverberate the uniqueness …Read More

    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog