Tragic story of Cannes' boob-baring beauty who could have been as famous as Kim K if she were born in this era



    To attain stardom is a dream many people nurture and that was the case
    of beauty queen Simone Silva who vowed she would “do anything to be a
    star” including baring her boobs for the press in the 1950s –  a
    conservative era.

    At the Cannes Film Festival in the spring of
    1954, Simone saw her opportunity and took it.


    Posing on a beach at the
    Festival, her naked boobs in her hands and Robert Mitchum, Hollywood’s
    hottest idol, behind her, the beaming beauty knew this was her moment.
    The flame-haired 26-year-old smiled for the cameras and gave her
    raunchiest pose, sticking out…

    Linda Ikeji blog