Father saves two-year-old son's life after recognizing dry drowning symptoms from a news story about another boy's tragic death


    Gio Vega

    A Colorado father, Staff Sgt. Garon Vega, saved his two-year-old son’s life after he recognized the symptoms of dry drowning after reading a news story about another boy’s tragic death.
    Vega says he immediately took his 2 year old son, Gio, to the emergency room after watching Frankie Delgado’s family speak out about the death of their 4 year old son, Little Frankie, who died a week earlier.
    Frankie, died on June 3, six days after he inhaled water while swimming with his family in Texas.

    Vega’s 2 year old son, Gio , on the other hand, swallowed water during a trip to their…

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