Evangelist and 4 others arrested for detaining alleged ‘witches’ in Ghana (Photos)


    A Magistrate Court sitting in Bolgatanga, has remanded into prison custody a self-styled Evangelist, and four others for accusing and detaining three accused witches in Duusi, a suburb of Tongo in the Talensi district of the Upper East Region of North Ghana.

    This comes after four members of the same family were on Wednesday remanded for the lynching of an alleged ‘witch’ at Yenboka Kenna, a town in Pelungu, Ghana .

    The five suspects identified as Evangelist Akwesi Ali Baba 29, Douk Sapark 30, Messiah Somlate 25, Mba Gurang 40, Malpayah Mbayin 27 and one Tarabon, currently at…

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