“If you get this message it’s too late” heartbreaking final text of schoolgirl, 14, who killed herself over a sex attack that occurred when she was just 12



    A 14-year-old girl committed
    suicide over a sex attack she suffered when she was 12. Before killing
    herself, she sent a suicide text in which she explained that her “body,
    mind and soul” had been “destroyed” in that attack.

    Megan Hoyle
    was molested by a 17-year-old boy who was later locked away for the
    offence but she was unable to live with what had been done to her and it
    affected her for long.

    Then her attacker’s sentence was reduced on
    appeal and Megan felt let down that he got away with it and she could
    not handle it. Afterwards, she called her close friend…

    Linda Ikeji blog