How To Obtain Nigerian Driver’s Licence


The Nigerian Driver’s Licence is an official document issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria permitting a specific individual to operate one or more types of motorized vehicles on Nigerian roads. This document can be obtained with the following steps:

• Obtain and complete Form MVA 11 from Motor Licencing Authority (MLA).
• Attend driving test with the appropriate authority for desired category of driver’s licence Form.
• If successful, a certificate would be issued indicating the class of licence qualified for
• Pay the prescribed fee to the Motor Licencing Authority (MLA).
• MLA sends the Form to FRSC (IPC) for processing
• Applicant proceeds to FRSC Information Processing Centre (IPC) for physical capture of photograph, finger print and signature.
• Processed licence is sent to MLA for distribution to successful applicants
• An experienced driver may in addition obtain trade test certificate Issues (3), (2) and (1) from the ministry of labour and productivity.
• The minimum age for driving is 18 years
• The terminal age for driving is 70 years

Note: Changing the category of drivers’ licence requires a new test.