‘This law is not for general overseers’ and other things you should know about the FRC code


The decision of Enoch Adeboye, general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), to name a national overseer for the church hasn’t stopped generating ripples.

In its statement to clarify the move — seeing that Adeboye had been erroneously thought to have quit his position as general overseer — the church said the announcement of a new Nigeria overseer was made in compliance “with the new legal requirements set up by the Financial Regulations Council for all registered churches, mosques, and CSOs, which stipulate that heads of non-profit organisations like churches now have a maximum period of 20 years to lead their organisations while in retirement”.

Since the announcement, the FRC code, which was released in October 2016, has been suspended, while Jim Obazee, the FRC executive secretary, has been sacked.

There have been calls for Adeboye to…

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