Rape Allegation: Linda Ikeji Writes Open Letter to Ex-staff


By Sunday Ehigiator

Following the recent rape accusation by Nigerian TV presenter and model, Emilia Samuel, against Theo Ukpa, a film maker, his former boss, Linda Ikeji wrote him an open letter officially distancing herself from him. Although Ukpa was sacked by Ikeji after the rape allegation was made public, he had put up a strong defence countering Samuel’s accusations.

His claims notwithstanding, he was sacked by Ikeji, who was forced to write him an open letter after his continued avowal of innocence.

Her letter reads thus; “Dear Theo Ukpaa, I have known you for many years and I’ve shown you nothing but love and kindness and made you the head of my TV channel but listen my dear friend, if you dare release another statement denying what you did or calling another one of your victims a liar, not only will I expose you, I will have you…

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