Rogers: Organisations Must Adopt Best Solutions against Cyberattacks


Rick Rogers

The Regional Director Africa, CheckPoint Software Technology, Mr. Rick Rogers, spoke with Nosa Alekhuogie on the danger of increasing rate of cyberattacks on organisations and how best to mitigate such attacks. Excerpts:

As a world class cybersecurity company, what are the major global security threats, and what are the possible solutions?

Cyberattack is open ended, but what we are positioning is Generation 5 technology solution. So, we are  moving into an era of massive attacks, and you must have seen this massive attacks where it spreads.  It was in the United Kingdom, Ukraine, and then to Norway. We believe that most organisations are not investing enough to secure their environment to prevent that. If we look at Generation 1 solution, which was the firewall and now we are sitting at Generation 5 solution attacks but a lot of…

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