Glaucoma Responsible for 17% of Blindness in Nigeria, Says NMA


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Martins Ifijeh

The Chairman, Nigeria Medical Association Committee on Eye Health, Dr. Buyo Kufo has stated that Glaucoma remains a major cause of blindness in Nigeria with about 16.7 per cent of those with zero vision said to be caused by glaucoma.

In a statement to mark the 2019 Glaucoma Week, made available to THISDAY recently, Kufo said the national prevalence of blindness in Nigeria is put at 4.2 per cent with Glaucoma taking a huge toll on the burden.

He said: “Glaucoma consists of a group of diseases with common characteristics which mainly affect the optic nerve.

“The optic nerve is the nerve which connects the eye to the area of the brain responsible for the sensation of sight, and glaucoma if untreated, results in loss of optic nerve function, and irreversible blindness.

“Most often, when we talk about glaucoma, we are referring to its most common form, primary open angle glaucoma, which is also sometimes called chronic open…

Source: Thisday Newspaper