9th National Assembly and Leadership Question


By Bala Usman

The 2019 general elections now effectively over, the National Assembly resumes in June to begin the all-important task of taking Nigeria to the Next Level, in accordance with the mantra of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC). As the results of the presidential election affirm, the majority of Nigerians believe that the most assured road towards Nigeria’s advancement is that provided by the President Muhammadu Buharis leadership. But there is a snag: Buhari needs a vibrant, focused and cooperative, but of course far from docile, National Assembly to be able to actualize his agenda. More crucially, Nigerians desire a National Assembly that would fight corruption, eliminate waste, uphold the rule of law and restore peace and sanity in the country. To all intents and purposes, the hullabaloo witnessed in the build up to the 8th National Assembly culminating in the emergence of the Bukola Saraki leadership caused a lot of uproar in the…

Source: Thisday Newspaper