My Father Was a Very Rich Man But I Didn’t Grow Up as a Rich Kid



Actress, Nollywood filmmaker and television host, Ada Aronu (Adaslim), is not your regular celebrity. The ebony complexioned actress does not “make noise” on the social media. She does her things quietly. Ada made her movie debut in her early 20s. Her early interest in acting was met with some form of resistance by her father but was later permitted on certain condition. Ada has since grown to become one of the best in the industry, both in acting and production. Many will always remember her for movies like Gallant Babes and Thanks for Coming 1 & 2.  Ada who is married to a Swedish, shares the story of her life with Ferdinand Ekechukwu  

The temperate atmosphere suits the setting at the Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos on this particular evening. A flopped comedy show dubbed ‘Shakara and The Gang’ would soon commence. Seated just opposite was Ada  Aronu. She appears effervescent with a fashion sense that exudes a cosmopolitan mien….

Source: Thisday Newspaper