Gang-up against Obasa: His Speakership Position under Threat


The battle for the soul of the Lagos State house of the assembly is hotting up ahead of the swearing in of the new dispensation. A group of aggrieved Lagosians under the aegis of Atari Àjànàkú have been chanting a war cry in their bid to ensure the Speakership position is secured by a Lagos Indigene.

Insisting that the era of total domination of the Lagos political scene by non Indigenes must stop, the group have pitted a member of the state’s house of assembly hailing from Lagos Island, Wasiu Eshinlokun against the current incumbent Hon Mudashiru Obasa.

Grieved by the fact that the kingmaker in Lagos, Bola Tinubu, the incumbent governor, the governor-elect, and the three senators-elect all trace their origins to other states, they have marked the slot of the speaker as their first port of conquest in their bid to erase the state of non Indigene influence.

Like the crusaders of yore on the eve of a holy war, they have been recruiting…

Source: Thisday Newspaper