Happenings in Sudan and Algeria hold lessons for Nigeria, writes Iliyasu Gadu

Like a phoenix, the Arab spring rose from the brutal civil war in Syria to claim the thrones of two African Arab leaders: Omar El-Bashir of Sudan and Abdel Aziz Bouteflika of Algeria. In a twist of irony, Sudan’s El- Bashir was the first Arab leader to visit Syria after signalling a normalisation of relations with that country following the civil war that engulfed it in the attempt to oust its leader Bashir Al Assad from power by rebel forces.

The two leaders fell from power on account of two familiar factors of the African experience: rising prices of essential items, unemployment and corruption, as well self-perpetuation in power.

In the case of El-Bashir he had been in power for 30 years since 1989 after ousting the civilian administration of Sadiq Mahdi in a military coup led by him. In that period that he had been in office his country had been engulfed from…

Source: Thisday Newspaper