The Road Less Travelled


By Obo Effanga

After a long drawn out process, the 2019 general election in Rivers State finally came to an end last Saturday, April 13. Like many of the recent elections in this state, it came with lots of drama, tension and violence much of which was totally unnecessary.

We thank God Almighty for guiding us through it all to the end. We also celebrate the men and women of goodwill in Rivers State, especially the electorate who committed to exercising their civic duties and defending their votes in the face of unwarranted intimidation by persons whose interests were far from deepening democracy. At this point, I wish to pay tribute to one of our ad-hoc staff, Ms Ibisaki Daperi Amachree, who was killed via gunshot in the line of election duty during the Presidential and National Assembly Elections on February 23.

For us in the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Rivers State, we stayed focused on conducting a transparent, free, fair and credible election. As I kept…

Source: Thisday Newspaper