Cyclone Fani: The Untold Story


A Down To Earth magazine investigation points to an emerging threat facing the world’s vulnerable regions – climate change is changing the chemistry of cyclones in ways we do not understand yet. At speeds which are almost impossible to tackle

Despite being better prepared this time, experts were left guessing by Fani about its trajectory till 24 hours before landfall. Cyclones are becoming more unpredictable and hence, deadlier. A slowing down of wind speeds across the world is said to be one of the key reasons.

“All these years, we have been talking and warning persistently about the increasing intensity and ferocity of extreme weather events like cyclones, brought about by climate change. What we have now started noticing is another extremely disturbing trend – that of cyclones becoming more and more unpredictable in the way they travel. This has serious implications for our disaster preparedness. Our latest cover investigation in Down To…

Source: Thisday Newspaper