Babatola Oke writes that NPA, in alliance with others, is working hard to make the ports accessible

As a long-standing player in Nigeria’s maritime space I have watched the traffic gridlock along the Apapa axis progressively deteriorate and grow into the colossal national embarrassment over the years.

Since I started conducting business in the Apapa area in 1998, access roads into that part of Lagos have never been anything that reflect the revenue that the country reap from the natural endowments in the two ports as well as the multi- billion-naira investments in the area.

I have thought about this year-on-end and it has continued to appear to me that successive government has been at a loss as to what to do about this situation that has not only brought monumental losses to the national economy and damage to the environment but is resulting in serious human hardship. Even so it has continued to get worse and has finally reached a…

Source: Thisday Newspaper