The commission should make judicious use of the resources at its disposal

With 541 government parastatals, commissions and agencies (statutory and non-statutory) in the country, many of them with parallel functions, the consensus is that we do not need to create another bureaucracy to solve a problem. Yet, the North East Development Commission (NEDC) was added to the list of quangos last week when President Muhammadu Buhari inaugurated its board. The harder part now is for the commission to justify the reason for its existence by making judicious use of resources in such a manner that the distressed and the displaced people in the northeast can benefit. Members of the NEDC must also see their assignment as a sacred trust and should avoid the pitfalls of similar interventionist agencies.

In signing into law the establishment of the NEDC in October 2017, President Muhammadu Buhari said the mission of the commission is to spearhead the reconstruction and…

Source: Thisday Newspaper