Ethical Dilemma in Financial Institutions: Way Forward



Good evening distinguished ladies and gentlemen. It is my pleasure to deliver the keynote address on the occasion of the Extraordinary Fellowship Investiture of The Chartered Institute of Bankers.

Today I will be sharing my thoughts on the topic: ‘Ethical Dilemma in Financial Institutions: The Way Forward,’ a topic for discussion which is timely and important for the continued growth and development of Nigeria’s banking sector. In the interest of time, I will focus on the subject matter as it pertains to the banking profession, to which I belong. Indeed, as I thought through the direction and structure for this paper, I found myself facing a dilemma regarding whether or not I should use my personal life experiences to give practical expression to the concept of ethical dilemmas. I elected to stand on the side of learning at the expense of whatever discomfort comes with putting myself in issue. Given the…

Source: Thisday Newspaper