Businessman Decries High Level of Fake Products in Nigeria


David-Chyddy Eleke in Awka

A Nigerian business man, Mr Sam Anyanwutaku, has decried the high level of fake products in Nigeria, saying that almost every product that had market value in the country had been faked.

Anyanwutaku, who is the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ASCO Investment, representatives of SC Johnson in Nigeria, makers of the Kiwi brand of polish spoke to journalists during the destruction of fake Kiwi polish worth over N80 million.

He said, “The level of fake products in the market today is Nigeria is very high. Almost everything is now being faked. For us at ASCO Investment, we have taken measures to ensure that we arrest the level of fake Kiwi polish in the market.

“We have an Anton Piller order from the court to search and seek out our products that are faked in markets and ware houses, and that is how we were able to discover these over 500,000 tins of Kiwi polish in various markets in Onitsha and environs,…

Source: Thisday Newspaper