‘Paying Salaries is not an Achievement’


Iyobosa Uwugiaren dialogues with Dr. Obiora Okonkwo, a very strong voice in the political development of Nigeria, especially in Anambra State, on Nigeria’s democratic journey since 1999

On May 29, Nigeria clocked 20 years of uninterrupted democracy. Do you think we have made any progress?

I think we have every reason to celebrate. Much as I may accept that the growth has not been quite impressive, in so many areas, we have a lot to celebrate. The fact that we say it is uninterrupted for the past 20 years is in itself a major reason to celebrate. It means democracy has come to stay. When you look at the democratic processes, going by the last elections, there have been lots of improvement. It may not be in the conduct, but in the laws that are supposed to enable the process. There have been some landmark electoral laws that Mr. President has assented to. That means the future of elections in Nigeria is bright. Despite all the challenges we have seen in the past, votes might…

Source: Thisday Newspaper