The Game is the Game


Feyi Fawehinmi i

-Feyi Fawehinmi

Liverpool lost the league by 2 points from 7 point lead.Manchester City won its 2nd successive Premier League title. But this post is not about politics.

What motivates footballers on the pitch to put in a good performance for their country? If a team does well and fights to come back from 2 goals down in the quarter final to win 3–2, what motivated them to put in such a performance? The easy answer that ‘makes sense’ is to say they love their country and that love pushed them to deliver such a performance.

But not really. Here’s one of the most important things I learned reading The Righteous Mind last year:

In September 1941, William McNeil was drafted into the US Army. He spent several months in basic training, which consisted mostly of marching around the drill field in close formation with a few dozen other men. At first McNeil thought the marching was just a way to pass the time, because his base…

Source: Thisday Newspaper