Apochi: Banks, Others Using Technology to Enhance Customer Experience


The Founder and Director, PayAttitude, Mr. Agada Apochi, who is an organisational psychologist and change leadership specialist, in this interview speaks about how technology-driven solutions are enhancing customer experience in the electronic payment space. He also talks about the benefits of PayAttitude digital solution. Obinna Chima presents the excerpts:

During the recent public holidays, high transaction and network failures were experienced. As one of the stakeholders in the E-payment value chain how do you think we can overcome this perennial challenge?

One of the ways is to make payments easier and simpler for people; enabling people make payments with their personal devices. If you could go into a shop and the shop owner enters your mobile number into his phone and instantly, that way the value is exchanged and many problems are solved. The experience from the last Sallah holiday was unpleasant and we were not proud of it. So, the entire…

Source: Thisday Newspaper