Enyo Targets Improved Logistics, Distribution


f19a7246 enyo fleet

Hamid Ayodeji

Enyo Retail and Supply Limited has announced the acquisition of brand new trucks to improve logistics and facilitate safe distribution of its products across Nigeria.

The Chief Executive Officer of Enyo Retail and Supply, Abayomi Awobokun, expressed the company’s interest in the standardisation of the state of trucks used to deliver fuel products not only across states.

According to him, in addition to strengthening distribution efficiency, the acquisition of these trucks aims to improve the state of trucks running local and inter-district delivery.

Awobokun said, “The acquisition of world class product delivery trucks is a strategic investment for us at Enyo Retail and Supply; as we aim to set a standard for safe distribution of products.

“We are all aware of the dangers posed by bad trucks for our customers and the society; that is why we have invested in quality distribution trucks to improve customer confidence in our…

Source: Thisday Newspaper