Entrenching Sanctity of Policy for Economic Delivery


Godwin Emefiele
Godwin Emefiele

Companies operating in the Nigerian economy will have to comply with regulatory policies in order to ensure the various policy interventions by the Central Bank of Nigeria yield results, writes James Emejo

There is no gainsaying the fact that the CBN, under the leadership of Mr. Godwin Emefiele has made several laudable interventions in key sectors of the Nigerian economy, particularly in line with President Muhammadu Buhari’s economic diversification objectives.

These noble initiatives include interventions in the agricultural sector where the now famous anchor borrower programme (ABP) has caused unprecedented revolution in local rice production in the country, saving the could billions of naira in food import bill.

In March, the CBN governor, citing over the $4 billion currently spent on importation of textile into the country, added all forms of textile materials to the list of items that are not eligible for foreign…

Source: Thisday Newspaper