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3acc4d2c gold mask of tutankhamun
The Gold Mask of Tutankhamun composed of 11 kg solid gold dates back to 1323 BC and was discovered in 1925

With the Egyptian Museum, Khan El-Kalili and Tahir Square all minutes away, Downtown Cairo is the perfect base to explore what the ancient city of Cairo has to offer, writes Demola Ojo

Cairo is a vast city with a population close to 20 million. As one of the largest cities in both Africa and the Middle East, it could be tricky deciding where to stay to get the best touristic experience.

While it certainly isn’t the most glamorous part of a city that that has seen new upscale settlements spring up in recent times, Downtown Cairo is the commercial heart of modern Cairo.

It is a central and convenient location to access other parts of the city; New Cairo, Nasr City, Giza, nearby Gezira Island and more.
Apart from five-star hotels, there are many smaller hotels, apartments, retail outlets, restaurants and tour companies that would be of…

Source: Thisday Newspaper