Otedola’s N5bn Lifeline for Children


SimonKolawolelive By Simon-Kolawole, Email: [email protected], sms: 0805 500 1961

How about this? By 2030 — that’s a little over 10 years from now — no Nigerian child will die from preventable diseases such as malaria, pneumonia and malnutrition; all children will receive quality basic education, and their parents will not have to be politicians or bankers; and discrimination against the girl-child will end. These are the big dreams of Save the Children, the UK-based charity that has operated in 16 Nigerian states since coming here in 2001. Clearly, these are tall orders in a country where 50% of girls who are 15 years and older are illiterate; where 32% of school-age children are on the streets; and where 104 out of 1000 children die before their fifth birthday.

But you know what? Most of these horrible statistics come from north-eastern Nigeria. You can now understand my joy when Mr Femi Otedola, billionaire businessman and executive…

Source: Thisday Newspaper