COVID-19: The Best Solution Remains Evolutionary Learning Conceptual Laboratory Approach


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Kenneth Anchang Yongabi

Kenneth Anchang Yongabi is a Professor of Public Health, Infectiology and Phytobiotechnology at the Imo State University, Owerri. He is a Cameroonian national and a member of the African Union Scientific Research and Innovation Council. Yongabi is a consultant to W.H.O., HPD Afro Health Literacy for youths and adolescents. In this interview with AMBY UNEZE in Owerri, this co-founder, and Principal Research fellow at STK Biotech, Owerri, gave more insight into the COVID-19 pandemic. Excerpts.

On his opinion on the current COVID-19 Pandemic ravaging the global community and the ongoing conspiracy theories being bandied about as the major cause of the pandemic, Yongabi said: “We live in a world where we coexist with plants, animals and microbes. It is not new that we have pandemic today. We’ve had pandemics in different parts of places in the past. Humanity still existed and today we still exist. I would say that we will be…

Source: Thisday Newspaper