I Don’t Get Why We Want to Sacrifice Our Children


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COUNTERPOINT By Femi Akintunde  Johnson

I get it: the children have been home for more than four months, with a worrying potential that their education may be stunted to such a degree that they may be clutching air in an attempt to catch up with their contemporaries universally, in this frenetic digital age, where we still struggle, nationally.

I get it: young parents are witnessing the sweet-bitter exposure to infant belligerence and relentless mischievousness – not merely on weekends – but through a near hellish four months; perfectly made even more nightmarish by several weeks of lock-down that forced parents to stay home without any hope of escape into offices or some field work.

I get it: irritated parents, itching teachers, terrified school owners and other vested interest are pulling the government on all sides, trying to pressurise the government, especially in…

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