Digital Comedy’s Fight against Police Brutality, Looting


d61ce06f a scene from mr macaronis digital comedy skit

On the heels of the End SARS protests, the recurring message against police brutality and mass looting in digital comedy content by Nigerian creatives has become very hard to ignore, writes Yinka Olatunbosun

A whole new chapter is born with the influx of digital comedy into the Nigerian cinema culture of the 21st century. History is being rewritten by a new generation of screenwriters, video directors, producers, editors and other creative thinkers in evolving a socially-conscious body of digital content that tackles front-burner issues in Nigeria.

A quick point of reference is the #EndSARS movement that generated a lot ofnoise as well as creative content online. From photography manipulation to lampooning, the creatives have a no-holds barred approach to projecting their messages through the new media platforms.

Mostly available on social media platforms, digital comedy has become even more popular in the era of restrictions on social…

Source: Thisday Newspaper