Peter P. Ekeh (1937-2020): Reflections on Future of Political Science Scholarship in Nigeria


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By Tunji Olaopa

Just some few weeks ago, the global community of Africanists and African scholars woke to the very sad news of the demise of world-renowned scholar, Peter Ekeh. There is no serious scholar of African studies, or even African-American Studies who has not heard of Ekeh; or even more, who has not read some of Ekeh’s defining intellectual contributions to the understanding of postcolonial Africa. When in 1975, Peter Ekeh wrote and published “Colonialism and the Two Publics in Africa,” he would be coherently and systematically dismantling many years of political theorizing about Africa and her social dynamics. With the idea of the “two publics,” we came to a deeply fundamental understanding of how African polities and postcolonies function.

In the radical and most tempestuous company of others, like Claude Ake, Richard Joseph, Billy Dudley, and many others, African studies, and especially the discipline of Political Science, became…

Source: Thisday Newspaper