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Eddy Odivwri

His Excellency sir, I have chosen to write you an open letter, because it appears you have not been reading all that we have been writing.

I am not even certain that you would read this either. But I trust that my friends, Femi Adesinaand Garba Shehu, your spokesmen, would read it and hopefully draw your attention to the issues herein raised; hoping the courage to do so would not fail them.

Sir, let me start by stating that I was one of your avid enthusiasts right from 2014 till last year.

Among other factors, I had assumed that with your military background and no-nonsense posture (at the time) you will literally be the messiah to redeem Nigeria from the grip of those who have held it down for years unend. Like many of your supporters, I campaigned for you , assured people that you are the man for the job, citing history, your ascetic and reticent virtues.

We were too sure that in no time, many of the troubles plaguing us as a…

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