What Kind of Christmas Are We Expecting?


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By Eddy Odivwri

It’s Christmas next Friday. But what kind of Christmas shall we be having? Where are the signs of Christmas in the air?

Four land borders including the popular Seme border have just been opened. That should offer some reprieve.

It is a time young and old have great fun. Children wear new and colourful clothes. I don’t know how many children will be clothed this Christmas by economically-pummeled parents.

Even the usual staple of rice may be a luxury. Onion and tomatoes have suddenly become like diamonds. Only the very rich can afford them. With a 50kg bag of rice costing between 27 and 35,000 Naira (depending on the type of rice), access to Christmas rice meal will be more like a privilege, than a given. But we can and should share. That is the spirit of Christmas: Love and sharing!

Year 2020 is a peculiar one. Perhaps we should focus less on the appendages of Christmas and be grateful that we are…

Source: Thisday Newspaper