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The fears being raised over the 5G technology are unnecessary

The Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) has lately been echoing the superstitions peddled recently about the 5G technology by a Nigerian Pentecostal pastor. The ‘warning’ is that the deployment of the 5G telecommunications network could have some implications on national security. The ONSA argument sounds like the one the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) used to ban cryptocurrencies. It all reflects the reluctance of those who run our public policy to embrace the challenges of science and technology in the age of galloping digitalisation and artificial intelligence.

The security-related fears being raised by ONSA are quite laughable. Here is a country where the security apparatus is being outwitted by ordinary bush bandits, where oil multi nationals are stealing as much crude oil as they want and where basic intelligence gathering about mundane issues has become impossible. Even…

Source: Thisday Newspaper