Shinkafi Rejects Claim Jets Fly Arms into Zamfara


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By Tobi Soniyi

The claim that helicopters and jets fly in arms in exchange for gold in Zamfara State is an indictment on security agencies, the Executive Director of the Patriots for the Advancement of Peace and Social Development (PAPSD), Dr Sani Abdulahi Shinkafi has said.

In a statement he issued yesterday, Shinkafi said the claim that bandits bring in arms into Zamfara State in exchange for gold through some unidentified aircraft had shown that those saddled with the nation’s security were inactive.

He also said that this had also brought to the fore the inefficiency in the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) the agency of government saddled with the responsibility of managing the nation’s airspace.

According to him, NAMA is the agency of the federal government that has the responsibility to monitor and give clearance to every aircraft that flies into the country.

“So for anybody to say that planes come into Zamfara State to…

Source: Thisday Newspaper