Dispatch to New IG Usman Baba


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My dear IG Usman Baba, the attack on the headquarters of the Imo State Police Command in Owerri, on April 5, represents the sorry state of the Nigeria Police Force. For over 30 minutes, gunmen ransacked the Command’s HQ unhindered, burning buildings and vehicles. There was no resistance from your men. Not even a feeble one. The poorly-equipped and poorly-motivated policemen all ran away. The attackers left jubilating. In all of Nigeria’s years of independence, the Police Force has never been this shabby. Our policemen have never been this mismanaged. How can they tackle criminals, when these lawbreakers have become stronger than them? This is why your men, more often than not, now run away from criminals. The truth be told; this country is in a mess in terms of policing.

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