Time to Raise The White Flag


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Our country is crippled. Our compatriots are being slaughtered like chickens all over the country. Insecurity has become the most interrogated phenomenon of our time and the result is clear for all to see.

Food inflation is way over 20% and the people are starving because terrorists and bandits have made a visit to the farm grave risk to their lives. Meanwhile, tariffs and taxes are going up and incomes are collapsing even as inflation is rising and unemployment soars into record territory.
Funding budgets have become a nightmare. Given crude oil price decline and the mismanagement of petrol pricing, refining, importation and distribution, the states are being threatened that FAAC Account meetings to share revenue may be put on hold.

The lack of imagination in public finance management which keeps out monetisation of assets and external sector stimulation of the circular flows of income in Nigeria, further worsens the budget crisis. The stress and…

Source: Thisday Newspaper