President Buhari: From Deification to Demystification


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Pendulum By Dele Momodu, Email: [email protected]


Fellow Nigerians, let me make a quick confession in my epistle to you today. I truly, and sincerely, pity and sympathise with President Muhammadu Buhari and his family, even if it seems the subject of my pity and sympathy does not appear to care about his legacy or what the future will record for him. I will explain in a jiffy. If you’re addicted to social media like me, you will understand and appreciate the origin of my pity for Buhari and his family. Any mention of Buhari instantly elicits venomous attacks and blistering derision. The last time I witnessed anything of this nature was in those draconian days of the Abacha regime. And it is much worse this time around because of the multiplicity and proliferation of social media platforms.

Even if President Buhari is totally oblivious to these vicious attacks, his family must find it hard to swallow these bitter…

Source: Thisday Newspaper