Netflix Introduces New Mobile Plan with Partial Download Feature


e0601a95 netflix

By Vanessa Obioha

Last year, Netflix tested two mobile plan options to see if subscribers will embrace them. Following a positive outcome of the tests, the streamer has now launched mobile plan across sub-Saharan Africa.

Forty-three countries in the continent, including Nigeria, can now access the plan which costs as low as N1,200/$3.99, almost 60% of the basic plan.

In rolling out this plan, Netflix understands that people have different entertainment preferences. Adding a mobile plan gives consumers more choice no matter what their budget or requirements.

Data showed that there will be 475 million people using the mobile internet by 2025 in Nigeria and South Africa markets. Moreover, Netflix members within these countries already watch twice more Netflix on their phones than the rest of the world.

Therefore, to ensure a much more enjoyable user experience, Netflix is offering the mobile plan as well as eliminating the problem of prohibited…

Source: Thisday Newspaper