itel: Deepening Market Penetration with A58 Series


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With the recent launch of A58 Series from the stable of itel brand, Raheem Akingbolu reckons that players in the smart phone market are set for another round of competition.

In the New Year and towards the end of the year when good manufacturers and service providers are getting set to boost sales, the media naturally go abuzz and consumers of products are sucked into the frenzies of reward programmes, innovative offerings and attractive prices.

While some companies offer mouth-watering cash rewards to lucky consumers for their loyal patronage, others creatively skew the pricing of their goods and services, as some introduce new products to attract more patronage or retain loyal customers. Yet others offer below-the-line shows and activations coupled with raffle draws designed to both create fun and reward customers who had stayed with their brands through the year.

For the promoters of itel, a leading smart phone brand, innovative product,…

Source: Thisday Newspaper